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Video: Trump Attorney Alina Habba accuses Judge of Slamming Table, Shouting at her during Court Hearing.

Judge Arthur Engoron in New York is under scrutiny after former President Donald Trump’s attorney, Alina Habba, made severe claims against him.

Attorney Alina Habba believes that both her client and herself have been subjected to intimidation tactics by the presiding judge. Alina Habba, an attorney, spoke to the press during a break in court proceedings to voice her displeasure with an incident that had happened during a court session. Habba said that she and her client, Donald Trump were both intimidated, including an instance where Judge Arthur Engoron had yelled at her and slammed the table, ordering her to maintain control over her client.

At a news conference, Alina Habba voiced her displeasure with the current state of events and said that her client, former President Trump, should be allowed to testify without limitations of any kind. Below is a video of Trump’s attorney “Alina Habba” making these statements.

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