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This is why Elon Musk Suspended Kanye West Twitter Account with immediate Effect.

Even free speech has its boundaries, and Twitter CEO just proved that as he confirmed Friday Dawn, Rapper now turned Anti semitic “Kanye West” twitter account has been suspended with immediate Effect. West filmed videos while travelling across Florida and listening to his own music, supporting Balenciaga during its current scandal and blasting porn and cancel culture. He tweeted, “Remove all pornography from Twitter and every platform.” “Pornography is the result of pediphilia,” followed by “Porn devastated my family, but Jesus will cure everything.”

What Caused Kanye West Twitter Ban this time around?

Kanye West Twitter Account was suspended after he posted a swastika symbol, amidst a series of Twitter rants after his infamous interview with Alex Jones on Info Wars publicly professing love for German Nazi Adolf Hilter, Kanye Said “i like jews, and like Hitler, Alex stunned said no, i hate Nazi’s, Kanye in return said, call me Nazi.. i like nazi’s” This saw Kanye Trend Number One on Twitter and at a time thanked Elon for free Speeh only for him to Banned hours later for posting swastika symbol “a symbol of Nazi and Hitler”

What is Swastika, its Symbol and who supports it?

Swastika denotes “good fortune” or “well-being” in Sanskrit. The pattern (a hooked cross) initially appeared in Eurasia 7000 years ago, maybe depicting the sun’s movement. Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Odinism consider it holy. It’s popular on Indian and Indonesian temples and homes. Swastikas occur on pre-Christian European artifacts.

Modern Europe’s “Discovery” and Meanings

Growing European interest in ancient Near Eastern and Indian cultures revived the emblem in the 19th century. Heinrich Schliemann unearthed the hooked crucifix in ancient Troy. He suggested it was a “important religious emblem of our distant ancestors” based on similar designs seen on German pottery. Others related the emblem to a common Aryan civilization in Europe and Asia.

Why Swastika is associated with Nazi’s?

Shortly after assuming power in 1933, Hitler’s administration removed the constitutionally-mandated black-red-gold flag of the Weimar Republic. Paul von Hindenburg and Adolf Hitler decreed on March 12, 1933 that the former German Imperial flag (black-white-red) will be flown alongside the swastika. The directive said, “These flags.”

Nazi rally
Hitler Youth members construct a swastika to commemorate the Unknown Soldier. 1933: Germany.

At the 1935 Nazi Party gathering in Nuremberg, Germany approved new laws to disenfranchise Jews. The Reich Flag Law (15 September 1935) designated the swastika flag the official national flag of the German Reich. The same day, the government approved the Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honor, which banned marriages and sexual connections between Germans and Jews. Jews were forbidden from flying the new German flag (the swastika) and the national colors.

Nazi outrage at New York events in 1935 prompted the Reich Flag Law. On July 26, hundreds of anti-Nazi activists gathered near the SS Bremen in New York to protest anti-Jewish occurrences in Berlin. Protesters pulled the ship’s swastika flag and threw it into the river. NYPD detained numerous protesters. German officials protested immediately. The Nazi regime issued the Reich Flag Law after most defendants were released.

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